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Any type of surfboard under the sun

Custom Surfboards in Hawaii, and custom surfboards from the north shore of Oahu in particular, are the best surfboards you can find, and I’m going to explain why… established or underground shapers on the north shore, and all shapers in Hawaii for that matter, have every type, size and shape of wave imaginable, a deep well of local rippers, and a never ending flow of visiting pros at their disposal, making our home the ideal place to design and test, not only high performance short boards and guns, but also everyday grovel boards, retro fishes, hybrids, mini Simmons’, long boards, and any other type of surfboard under the sun.

From start to finish
So now ask yourself, do you want a board shaped by a world famous known shaper from the north shore, or do you want a board from an underground shaper who builds the entire board from start to finish, hands on the whole way, taking the time to make it right, the way is used to be done, a guy you can spend time with, and even surf with if you’re on Oahu?

The right shaper
If you’re the type of person who appreciates the effort of a single person working with care and attention to detail on your surfboard, you’ve found the right shaper, me.





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