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Flavor 59 – chalkboard

Flavor 59 is heading to Japan!

Point & Counter Point

Point and counter point… My lowest rocker next to my highest rocker, both on their way to Japan!!!  Takashi got the mini simmions and Taishi got the launch! Arigatou gozaimasu!  

Daniel Jones doing some R&D

Here is Daniel Jones at rocky point doing a little R&D on the launch model! Check this board out on the boards page    

Regarding me and my surfboard business

Regarding surfboard companies that produce their product overseas and their business tactics… When you go to Asia and produce thousands and thousands of units…. you get them really, really cheep. the trouble is, you still have to sell them. When you find it hard to sell your 60 thousand units in the time you expected […]

Flow Skateboard Magazine Interview

I’m not the type to froth over me, myself, and I, or any of the things I’ve accomplished. In some cases I actually talk shit about myself… but as a Thank You to my friends at Flow Skateboard Magazine for all their hard work, and for my friends who are not living here in the […]

Caution, egos ahead

She’s alive! I’m sitting here at my computer, its 4:32 am and I’m hearing that low rumble, you know, the kind that tells you there’s some swell moving on the ocean. It seems like we didn’t even have a summer out here this year. We had so many tiny swells, my friend Robert and I […]

For my Japanese friends

The idea of the internet being an all encompassing world wide web that reaches out and connects us all is easy to grasp at this point… we’ve become accustomed to it, but it still amazes me when I get an order or inquire from some far off land via my website. Thanks to the internet, […]

Here’s a quick tease

These are three of the next four additions to our boards’ page. The orange one is called the “Happy Smile” it’s a hybrid design that’s evolved quite a bit since I first introduced it as the ‘Mr. Eggo’ model three or four years ago, in fact, it’s so different from the original design I decided […]

Two retro designs, a hybrid and another short board

It’s been busy lately here @ tore surfboards, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. We’ll be adding a few more models to the boards’ page in the very near future… including two retro designs, a hybrid design, and another contemporary performance short board design as well! Also, we’re already looking forward […]


Buying a new board is the thing a surfer lives for, and better yet, ordering a custom surfboard! We’re a curious group us surfers… we’re always looking for new ways to skin a cat. When we see the latest design, we feel lost until we’ve ridden one. Sometimes we’re patient enough to borrow a board […]

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