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Tore Surfboards Hawaii • Haleiwa, Hawaii
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The right board for you

Every board is built with attention to detail
I make custom surfboards, they’re hand crafted with love and attention to detail, each one is a unique individual… just like you. Between the time you place your order and the day you pick it up from me, no hands but my own will touch it. I know it seems unusual for one person to build the board from start to finish, and that’s because it is.

The best surfboard
What I care about is making you the best surfboard possible, the surfboard that “you” envisioned.
The boards on this page are available as either a stock clear board or the beginning to your dream board. Always keep in mind, these models are only here to serve the purpose of being a starting point in a discussion or a spark that ignites the flame of creativity in your imagination!


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