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This is what I ride. I’ve been working on this everyday small wave design for a few years, and I was
well ahead of the curve if I dare say so myself… today I’m seeing this type of board becoming the go to
design for the average surfer in average waves, and we’re seeing a lot of the pros using similar designs
for smaller weaker waves on tour as well. Since it’s become a very popular flavor, and I ride it as a
5’9″, it’s now known as the Flavor 59!

The Flavor 59 features a lower than normal entry rocker with a feeder single concave, that blends to a double concave and flows off the tail. The tail rocker is as high as the typical short board which gives this design a familiar feel off the bottom and in the lip, but the puffy outline hides extra volume nicely, and along with that, I’ve moved some foam forward in the foil.

Typically, the nose of a short board is about ¼” thinner than the tail, part of the secret to success of this design is that the wider outline and slightly thicker nose make this board paddle like a champ, but the high tail rocker lets it release and do its thing when the waves get good, making it a much more versatile board than you’d think at first glance.

Order your Flavor 59, 2″ shorter and ¾’-1″ wider than your normal short board measurements, or refer to me for suggested dimensions suited to your size and ability. Available as a tri, quad, or five fin convertible, in Futures, FCS or glass-on.

Leave a $200 deposit right now, and lets get started!


Length: 5’4’- 6’0”
Width: 17 ½” – 19 ¾’”
Thickness: 2 ¼”- 2 ½”
Price: $525.00

Custom color starting from $40.00 and up.

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Tore Surfboards Hawaii
Haleiwa, Hawaii
Phone: (808) 638-0124

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