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soap bar

soapbar 5.0 x 21.5 x 2.65 handshaped!

breast cancer awareness surfboard

For Payrot, 5’10” x 20 1/2″ x 2 5/8″ Seed model, 4+1 fin set up, with pink airbrush in support of breast cancer awareness.


Custom for Adam, 5’7″ x 21″ x 2 3/4″ wing pin, single fin seed, yellow tint.


Custom for Sandrine, 5’6″ x 21 3/4″ x 2 3/4″ mini simm-pin, double barrel concave, twin keel with center nub, and dark blue tint.

Flavor 59 – chalkboard

Flavor 59 is heading to Japan!

Point & Counter Point

Point and counter point… My lowest rocker next to my highest rocker, both on their way to Japan!!!  Takashi got the mini simmions and Taishi got the launch! Arigatou gozaimasu!  

Flow Skateboard Magazine Interview

I’m not the type to froth over me, myself, and I, or any of the things I’ve accomplished. In some cases I actually talk shit about myself… but as a Thank You to my friends at Flow Skateboard Magazine for all their hard work, and for my friends who are not living here in the […]


Buying a new board is the thing a surfer lives for, and better yet, ordering a custom surfboard! We’re a curious group us surfers… we’re always looking for new ways to skin a cat. When we see the latest design, we feel lost until we’ve ridden one. Sometimes we’re patient enough to borrow a board […]


We’ve all had to change hats in our lifetimes, and by that I mean change what we do to make our money… but at a certain point we usually settle into a spot that fits, our own little niche if you will. I went through my changes just like the rest of us, pro skateboarder, […]

How and why

So I was recently asked how I got into shaping, my answer? Well, before I started shaping, just about every time I ordered a custom board I’d end up with something other than what I’d expected. It always left a sour taste in my mouth, so I’d always wanted to try making myself a board. […]

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