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Fat Elvis in the house!

I had a dream I met fat Elvis. He told me to eat more peanut butter and name a surfboard model after him, so I did! Meet fat Elvis! He’s a small wave hybrid with extra volume, but don’t be fooled, this big boy is as quick as a wink, and moves like a cat! […]

Emerald Green

Single fin Surfboard. This is the “Seed.” Done in an emerald green tint.

Point & Counter Point

Point and counter point… My lowest rocker next to my highest rocker, both on their way to Japan!!!  Takashi got the mini simmions and Taishi got the launch! Arigatou gozaimasu!  

Daniel Jones doing some R&D

Here is Daniel Jones at rocky point doing a little R&D on the launch model! Check this board out on the boards page    

Caution, egos ahead

She’s alive! I’m sitting here at my computer, its 4:32 am and I’m hearing that low rumble, you know, the kind that tells you there’s some swell moving on the ocean. It seems like we didn’t even have a summer out here this year. We had so many tiny swells, my friend Robert and I […]

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