Here’s a quick tease

These are three of the next four additions to our boards’ page.

The orange one is called the “Happy Smile” it’s a hybrid design that’s evolved quite a bit since I first introduced it as the ‘Mr. Eggo’ model three or four years ago, in fact, it’s so different from the original design I decided to rename it!

The one with the black tail is called the “Slinger” it’s a contemporary high performance short board featuring a winged swallow tail and a deep double barrel concave that flows off the tail.


new surfboards from toresurfboards


The third one, with the green tail is called the “TV Melt” it’s a retro design loosely modeled after the Haden Kenny version of George Greenough’s 60’s single fin flex tail knee boards. It will be available as a 2+1, or single fin with a custom “high aspect ratio” Greenough style fin, it’s also available as a twin keel as shown in this photo. You’ll notice the keel template is a bit different than what you’re used to seeing, that’s because It’s my personal template.

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