Regarding me and my surfboard business

Regarding surfboard companies that produce their product overseas and their business tactics…

When you go to Asia and produce thousands and thousands of units…. you get them really, really cheep. the trouble is, you still have to sell them. When you find it hard to sell your 60 thousand units in the time you expected to, you do whatever you can to sell them, right? …Like offering surf shops 12 month terms and giving them 20-30 boards to fill their racks…

If i owned a shop, i’d do it too. how could you not? So they’re trying to take over the marketplace by flooding it with their product.

Regarding me and my surfboard business-

I do it the old fashioned way, person to person with my customers, no middle man. Tore surfboards are 100% hand made in Hawaii by Kent Senatore. They’re always produced with first quality materials, attention to detail, and the kind of love and personal service you’ll never get from the big brands.

Thanks to all my past and future customers for your support,



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